Writing Contests


Theme: Accidental Discoveries in Science

Submit your writing and/or illustration to editor.uocatalyst@gmail.com!
For both contests, a 1st place winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card, whereas a 2nd place winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card! All winners will be featured on our March issue as well!


Theme: A Journey Through Science

Winner: “The Mind Through Time” by Veronica-Marie Leal-Correia

Runner Up:

Dorothy Hodgkin” by Kitty Chen

The First Man on Mars” by Mariko Sumi

[Featured in Volume 9, Issue 4, March 2019]



Theme: Choose an interdisciplinary science topic and explain how it is changing the world.

Winner: Systems Biology” by Julianna Manoogian

Runner Up:Urban Geochemistry” by Alex Harrison

[Featured in Volume 8 Issue 4, April 2018]


Illustration Contest 2018

Theme: “Building blocks” (ex: biomolecules, particles, atoms, subatomic particles, numbers, minerals etc.)

Winner:Plant Vascular Tissues” by Anisa Ben-Saud

Runner Up:Physics Animal” by John Evans

[Featured in Volume 8 Issue 4, April 2018]



Theme: Controversial Science: Write about a controversial issue in the world of science. In your article, include both sides of the argument and explain your own opinion on the subject

Winner: The Discovery and Use of Genetic Engineering” by Kira Momotova

Runner Up: Nuclear Energy” by Tina Yuan

[Featured in Volume 7 Issue 3, January 2017]


Illustration Contest 2017


Winner: “My Inner Universe” by Katherine Power

Runner Up: Najeeba Ahmed

[Featured in Volume 7 Issue 4, March 2017]



Theme: Pseudoscience in consumerism: Choose a product marketed by pseudoscience. Reflect upon what information was portrayed, and compare unsubstantiated or unhelpful claims to scientific evidence. Propose a more accurate claim, focusing on effective communication.

Winner:Fact or Fiction” by Nicholas Robinson

Runner Up:Pause and Ponder: Pro Clinical Hydroxycut” by Winston Cheung

[Featured in Volume 6 Issue 4, March 2016]



Theme: Science: A Life-Changing Experience

Winner: “Replacing Online Dating with Graduate Research” by Emily Acheson

Runner Up:

“Research Changes the Researcher” by Sheniz Eryuzlu

“Small Holes Making a Big Difference – A Story of Nanopores” by Sanmeet Chahal

[Featured in Volume 5 Issue 4, March 2015]

Illustration Contest 2015

Theme: Change in Science



Theme: What has been the most revolutionary research discovery of the past 100 years?

Winner:HeLa Cells” by Regina Palamar

Runner Up:

Il faut le voir pour le croir” by Antoine Goulet

The Serendipitous Discovery that Saved the World” by Curtis Quan

[Featured in Volume 4 Issue 4, March 2014]