Writing Submission Checklist

The Catalyst’s

Writing Submission

Effective: January 1, 2018

References & Anti-plagiarism

  • Did you use primary (original research, anecdotes etc.) and secondary sources (scientific reviews etc.)?
  • Did you include in-text citations or parenthetical citations in APA format where appropriate to credit the original source?
  • Did you compile a “Reference” list according to the Catalyst’s Citation Style?
  • Do you provide an in-text or parenthetical citation for every reference on the list of References? If an item is on the list of references it must be cited within the article text.

Writing Style

  • Is your article related to science?
  • Is it tailored to the understanding of first year science background?
  • Is your submission written in the appropriate style or voice for the type of submission? (e.g. “Dear Darwin” follows correspondence style, “Food Science” is informative, while interviews can be casual or formally structured)
  • Recommended: Is it clear when you are presenting a fact, versus stating an opinion or an interpretation?

Word limit

  • The text of the article (without images, references, or title) must not exceed 700 words


  • Is the text formatted in size 12, Times New Roman font?
  • Is the file submitted in .docx format?
  • Did you include your full name, program and year of study in the article?
  • Is the e-mail addressed to coordinator.uocatalyst@gmail.com (if you are on the author team) or editor.uocatalyst@gmail.com(for individual submissions)?