Catalyst 2019-2020 Executive Elections

Candidate Platforms

Art Director


English Authors’ Coordinator

French Author Coordinator

Logistics Coordinator

Production Manager

Rédacteur en chef


Candidates – Art Director

Myriam Hamza:

Fellow Catalyst members, look no further for an art director that will foster community and networking opportunities! I’m Myriam Hamza, a second year biomed student that has caught the art bug. With a great editorial team, we need a spectacular art team to match! As an illustrator, I found that Catalyst connected us science-art people (we’re a rare breed). As your art director, I will build on that community and find ways to connect as a team. From end-of-year celebrations to the occasional sketch session at a coffeehouse, you will create lasting memories. Additionally, you will decide how much to contribute in a given issue. Got an exam coming up? Skip this issue and contribute to the next, I get it. Lastly, I believe that we can make a difference with our art. I have years of experience in selling my art for charity. We will hold fundraisers for research (a great way to network!), and you will be the headliner. By the end of the year, you will be proud to say that you are part of the Catalyst team. Let’s catalyze our creativity and get those issues churning! Choose Myriam to be your art director!

Candidates – Editor-in-Chief

Kenny Huynh

Hello everyone at Catalyst! I would like to nominate myself for the Editor-in-Chief position. Currently a third-year science student, I have been closely following our newspaper as an avid reader and an author since my first day at uOttawa. Whether grabbing a few copies of Catalyst to read with ENG/FR friends, introducing the paper to someone for the first time, or simply indulging in the latest science news alone, we have proved time and time again how accessible and inclusive Catalyst is. Further being an active part of the team for two years has been both an honour and a humble reminder of the greater purpose our collaborative group serves the community. Along with your help, we give voice to science in an easy to understand manner while fostering proper scientific communication. Research, for instance, is key to our world but the ability to communicate our findings is just as, if not more, important. With my passion, work ethic, and leadership, I am confident that we will add yet another amazing year to this uOttawa legacy.

Candidates – English Authors’ Coordinator

Kelly Xu

Hello, I’m Kelly and I am seeking re-election as the English Author Coordinator. If re-elected, I will continue to provide Catalyst authors with current and interesting science news topics. In the past year, I have used my expertise as a graduate student to stay on top of cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs and maintain a high standard of scientific rigor in our articles. I will continue to provide attentive feedback and assistance to authors to ensure the Catalyst is a high-quality production.

Candidates – French Author Coordinator

Simon Yves Reilley:

Hi Catalyst colleague, I was an author and the french author coordinator during the past year and I really appreciate my experience with the Catalyst, writing as always been something special for me while it allows me to express myself on topics that I found important and comments on the news related to the scientific-medical community. I would like to be the coordinator of the francophone authors while I am Franco-Ontarien and I have experience as an author in the newspaper. I will be devoted to support you as an author and be sure to provide you with suggestions of scientific-medical subjects to help you write your articles. Best regards and have a good year with the Catalyst.

Candidates – Logistics Coordinator

Naiema Zaman:

Hello, my name is Naiema, and I am a fourth-year undergraduate student.  I’d like to be your Catalyst Logistics Coordinator for a second year in 2019-2020.

As your Catalyst Logistics Coordinator, I hope to continue our semester socials, bringing together as many of us from across campus.  I would also like to add to our semester events with Science- and medical-themed programs and hands-on activities, along with our annual contests and Kaplan auction.  As your Logistics Coordinator, I would like to make sure your wishes and needs as a Catalyst member are being heard and that everyone has an enjoyable experience for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Thank you for reading my platform.  Here’s to a great year!

Candidates – Production Manager

Jasmine Kaur Bhatti:

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine Bhatti and I have been the Production Manager since the November 2017 issue. I hope you all have enjoyed the new content organization and will allow me to continue in my role for the 2019-2020 school year. I have had over a year and half of experience designing the layout of the journal and overseeing production from conception to placing copies on stands. As always, I will welcome your submissions and suggestions for upcoming issues and continue to creatively express science for all audiences.

Candidates – Rédacteur en chef

Miléna Sokolowski

Hi Catalyst electors,

I am Miléna Sokolowski, I am third year student in mathematics with minor in music. I come from France and I am trying to improve my English since I got here ! I am very glad to have had the possibility since one year to participate to the Catalyst journal as a volunteer, making some illustrations and translating a few articles from English to French. As a younger kid, I used to read and write a lot. I even won a “Special Prize” at 12 years old for a short stories competition in which I was probably one of the only kid participating. So I guess I have some skills in French grammar. In the other hand, I am kind of scared by terms so serious as “Editor-in-Chief”, as I don’t feel as being someone responsible (I am seventeen) but I guess it’s part of growing-up to get involved in scary things. If I get a bit of a formation, I think I should do just fine, and that would be a great experience for me to learn how to “conduct meetings”, “defend constitution”, etc… I am very honored you have think of me as a possible Editor-in-Chief for the journal.
I hope you have a great day,

Miléna Sokolowski


Sophie Suatac

Hi! My name is Sophie Suatac and I’m a third-year student in Biomedical Science in French. I am very thankful for the opportunity Catalyst has given me as an English-to-French Translator and Copyeditor for the 2018-2019 year. As the elected Rédactrice-en-chef, I would collaborate with the Editor-in-Chief to promote bilingualism in science and increased student involvement in scientific literature. I also intend to maintain Catalyst’s constitution and support the roles of other executives. I have English-to-French translation experience as a Communications Officer Intern at RESULTS Canada during the Fall 2018 term. Further, I developed my leadership and teamwork skills as a 101 Week Guide for the SSA in 2018 by working with the other Guides, Head Guides and Executives to raise funds for Shinerama and by leading the 101ers through the events. Finally, I advanced my communications skills in English and French while working as a Client Service Support Officer for Service Canada from May 2018 to December 2018. I am very enthusiastic about becoming your Rédactrice-en-chef! Feel free to ask me about my campaign on social media! (Facebook, @sophiethewise on Twitter, sop1247 on Snapchat)