Editorial Team

Executive 19-20


Editor-in-Chief: Kenny Huynh


Responsible for the direction, content and organization of the Catalyst and for affiliated events and contests. Reviews and accepts incoming articles, manages the editing of the paper, manages relationships with sponsors, chairs meetings, and plans the annual writing contest.

Francophone Editor-in-Chief: Sophie Suatac


Responsible for the French content and bilingual organization of the Catalyst. Manages English-French translation, the editing of French articles, and the bilingualism of the Catalyst website and media.

Production Managers: Jasmine Bhatti, Haya Hawari, Jaqueline Tian-Tran


Organizes the production of the Catalyst, including layout, design, printing and distribution. Designs the cover page, chooses font and images, and puts together the final printed copy of the paper.

Art Director: Myriam Hamza


Responsible for cover page design and managing and accepting incoming illustrations.

English Author Coordinator: Kelly Xu


Manages the English Catalyst author team and assigns groundbreaking science topics for upcoming issues.

French Author Coordinator: Simon Yves Reilley


Manages the French Catalyst author team and assigns groundbreaking science topics for upcoming issues.

Logistics Coordinator: Naiema Zaman


Organizes and plans club social events and group meetings. Helps organize the Illustration and Writing contests and fundraising from the Kaplan auction.

Media Manager: Ishraq Akbar


Manages the Catalyst social media sites including the Catalyst Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Website Manager: Michael Leung

Designs the Catalyst website and provides ongoing technical support. Manages back-end development and content updates.